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glass half-full, not glass half-empty. people say, it's easier for you, mate. you're selling tens of millions of books, making hundreds of millions of dollars, married to this beautiful woman, life's pretty damn good for joel osteen. what about if i've lost my job, my house, my car, i can't feed my kids, as tens of millions of americans right now are going through that? what do you say about that? how do you convince them to take your lead? >> i think that's hope -- the big part of the ministry is that you know, we face difficulties, too, but our hearts go out to people, americans are hurting, people all over the world. it's so important, if you get up in the morning and think life's lousy, there's nothing good in my future, i don't want to go to work, i don't feel well, you're going to draw in more negativity, you're going to get bitter on life and sink down into depression and miss your purpose. it's not easy when things are coming against you. you've got to get up and find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight. it's been an extraordinary year easy, but you have to get up and
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find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight, it's been an extraordinary year, thanks for watching. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." >> i have been coming to the show for years. this is one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. gun dealers ignore protesters. the fashion mogul who dresses the hollywood elite missing. now a desperate search for his airplane. it's a new year. how's that budget going? practical advice on how to get your money in order. it is sunday, january 6th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we start this morning in stanford, connecticut, where a gun show went on as planned despite the tragedy in newtown just a short drive away.
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it featured antique weapons, but that didn't stop protesters from calling it insensitive. stanford's mayor had asked organizers to reconsider having the event but some gun enthusiasts were eager to attend. >> anybody who has no feelings for what happened up there, something's wrong with them. okay. but, if you look, i've been coming to this show for years, this is one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >> i'm an elementary schoolteacher, i have a 7-year-old granddaughter. i'm sensitive to the idea of people with weapons entering public spaces and all the killing going on. it's horrendous. i'm not in favor of people having guns and i don't see the need for it. on the other hand, in this case, it's art. >> after the shooting that killed 20 children and 6 adults, at least three other gun shows in the surrounding area were
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canceled. in aurora, colorado, police are investigating the circumstances around a deadly six-our standoff. police shot and killed the gunman who was on the second floor of a house. they only fired after the gunman shot at officers. police also found the bodies of three other people inside. a woman managed to escape earlier in the standoff. >> there was a fifth person inside who was able to escape. that is who we were obtaining information from. we were informed that as this person was leaving that she saw three other people that were in the home that appeared to be lifeless. at that point early on, we did believe that there were three deceased people inside. >> no officers were injured. as you may remember, aurora was the scene of a mass shooting last july when a gunman killed 12 people, injured 58 more in a movie theater, james holmes, the man accused in that shooting due in court tomorrow. off the coast of venezuela,
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crews are searching for the plane that was carried fashion model and his wife and four others. the plane vanished friday morning. they've asked venezuelan authorities to do all they can to locate the missing plane and those onboard. he runs the family fashion house with his two siblings. more on him and his impact on the fashion world a little bit later on this hour. now to steubenville, ohio, where protesters returned for the second time in spoerupport n alleged rape. it involves two 16-year-old boys from a popular high school football team. both are charged with raping a girl back in august. there's also a video showing local teens joking about the alleged incident. city officials have now launched a website to keep the community updated amid social media pressure and allegations of a cover up.
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the trial is set for next month. lance armstrong making headlines, again. the "new york times" reports that he is considering admitting he used banned substances. something he has always denied. cnn sports mark mckay following the story for us. >> randi, a question many are asking this morning, is lance armstrong about to come clean? the "new york times" reporting he is thinking about doing just that. you'll recall armstrong has consistently denied through the years ever doping. that didn't stop him, though, from being stripped of his seven tour de france titles and following a damming report last october from the u.s. anti-doping agency that stated armstrong led the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen. he has told associates and anti-doping officials that he is
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considering publicly admitting he did use, his austin-texed based attorney said he is not in discussions with world anti-doping agencies about a possible admission. what is the 41-year-old's motivation to come clean? according to "new york times" to persuade anti-doping officials to restore his eligibility so he can resume his athletic career. he is hoping to compete in triathlon, the sport that upheld the ban against him taking part in sanction events. know confession would bring legal mine fields that testified under oath that he was not tainted by illegal substances. randi? >> mark mckay, thank you very much. this weekend means one thing for nfl fans, playoffs. afc houston texans knocking off
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the cincinnati bengals, 19-13 to book a meeting with the new england patriots. in saturday's other game, i hate to say this the green bay packers cruised over the minnesota vikings. that was a heartbreaker for me. they were led by aaron rodgers connecting with ten different receivers for 274 yards and a touchdown. the vikings starting quarterback was out with an injured elbow. i should point that out. the packers face the san francisco 49ers next weekend. the ravens play the colts while rg3 and play the seahawks. the nhl reporting that a tentative agreement has been reached which would mean the end of the lockout, the national hockey league and the player sshz has been negotiating for six months. this morning the two sides agreed on a framework for a new collective bargaining agreement. this year's lockout was the second longest in league history. we are now hearing from retired general stanley
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mccrissal for the first time since he resigned two years ago. in his memoir that comes out tomorrow he takes blame in the article that ended his career. mcchrystal was the top commander in afghanistan at the time of his resignation. the article caught him criticizing president obama and vice president biden. the magazine stands by its reporting. now to syria where president assad addressed his nation in a rare speech just moments ago since the embattled president's last address in june, tens of thousands of syrians have been killed and even more have fled their homeland. more than 60,000 people have been killed across the country and the new year looks to be ushering in the same bloodshed and violence. mohammed jamjoon is watching things from beirut. if you can, break down what he had to say. >> good morning, randi.
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what we heard was a defiant reporting a lot of the same rhetoric that we heard from him when he's given speeches. rarely he has given them the last couple years but when he's given them or given interviews he disputed the notion that there was even a revolution going on in syria. he talked about how there was no fight in syria between the opposition and government forces, rather, it was between syria and its enemies. here's more of what he had to say specifically on that point. >> they are calling it a revolution. but it is not a revolution. revolutions need intellectuals. is there any thinkers for this revolution? revolutions need leaders. who is the leaders of this revolution? >> now, at the end of this speech, he did offer an initiative in which he said
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there should be a dialogue conference in syria. that there should be a national charter created. referendum for a new constitution and possibly, after all that, a silm for prisoners in syria. but he said that can only come after they continued their military campaign. essentially, assad is saying that he is going to continue to go after rebel fighters there. he continued to deny that there's any home-grown opposition or any grassroots opposition in syria, which he said so many times the last couple of years and he said he would only try to implement this new initiative after they were able to vanquish the terrorists in syria. he thanked russia, iran and china for being steadfast allies of syria and not allowing any kind of foreign intervention there and said that there could be no foreign-backed peace plan for syria. any peace plan had to come from within syria. once again, a rambling speech. one at which at one point he
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said that the syrian government was looking for a political partner the way a husband to be might look for a wife. but they are not able to find one. rambling speech, a meandering speech -- >> so, why now? >> entrenched and defiant. >> why come out now and give this speech? >> he's been under intense, intense international pressure to try to address the fact that the u.n. and so many countries are waiting to see if he will agree to any kind of a transitional plan, a transitional government. the last couple of weeks there's been a flurry of diplomatic activity. the joint u.n. and envoy to syria was in syria and then he was in russia and then he was in egypt trying to forge a path towards peace. they were waiting to hear a response from assad and they got it today. today he remained defiant. he said the only kind of initiative that will be of use in syria is a syrian initiative.
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this is not the kind of rhetoric that world powers really will want to have heard from assad. no agreement to any kind of a transitional plan. so, yeah, it's -- as far as syria goes, the fighting still remains. just a few days ago now we heard that at least 60,000 people have been killed as a result of fighting there in the nearly two years of fighting there. >> mohammed jamjoon, thank you. the new congress is stepping up on gun violence with a flurry of new bills introduced. those bills may increase the number of guns around schools. we'll explain. [ woman ] uh-oh.
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast! [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. welcome back. on the first day of the new congress, lawmakers introduced nearly a dozen bills related to gun violence. they come in the wake of the connecticut school shooting and presidents from president obama to take concrete action for a repeat tragedy. >> reporter: as students at sandy hook elementary return to class, gabrielle giffords nearly
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killed two years ago visited newtown, connecticut. on capitol hill, lawmakers began to arrive a new session of congress, with members in both chambers taking aim at guns. >> this is a fight that the american people are going to have to stand up and stiffen their spine. >> reporter: california democratic senator dianne feinstein plans to introduce the bill to ban more than 100 assault weapons. eight years after the old ban she championed expired. another senate bill would ban high-capacity magazines. among nearly a gun bills efforts to ban online sales of ammunition and to require background checks for all firearm sales, including at gun shows. two bills from freshman republican congressman would allow more guns around schools. echoing the position of the national rifle association. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> we are better than 32 more
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gun murders every day. >> reporter: progun control groups plan to keep pressing for action. what are the prospects for their success? >> if you're talking about stuff around the edges. maybe like banning high ammunition magazines, that might be possible. the nra is the big issue, but not on the republican side only. on the democratic side also. you have fully half of your new senate has an a plus, a or a minus from the nra. if you want anything to happen on gun control, have at least half the senate upsetting the nra. that's a difficult proposition. >> there is no more uphill fight than this. the question is, do we fight or do we knuckle under. >> reporter: president obama wants action on gun legislation this year. he asked vice president biden to lead a task force to come up with recommendations on gun policy. they're expected this month. athena jones, cnn, washington. a fashion mogul has gone
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20 minutes past the hour now. here are some of our international top stories this morning. indian troops raided a military post in the cashmekashmir regio killing one soldier and critically injuring another. pakistan started firing first, but pakistan accuses indian troops of crossing the line of control. in france, a french moroccan
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family of five flying to morocco were killed when their plane crashed near the french alps. the cause is not clear to investigators, but emergency workers responded quickly after a resident report othe crash. >> around 1:00 p.m., we felt a big shake. the crash happened just below my house. at the beginning, i did not know what it was. we found out after firemen arrived that it was a plane crash. we did not see the wreckage. >> the family had been returning to morocco after spending their holiday in the french alps. he dresses madonna, katie holmes and jennifer lopez and is a favorite of stars from new york to hollywood, but now he is missing. the plane carrying italian fashion mogul vittorio missoni and his wife friday disappeared off the coast of venezuela. the missoni brand known for its multi-color zigzag design has
3:23 am
been known. joining me for much more on this, nadia. there are reports he was headed back home to italy possibly to unveil new designs. >> the men's wear was going to launch in milan later this month, but an amazing group of designers that he's managed to recruit. his sister, angela, and a family business that started in 1953, his parents started the company. >> we know they're looking for them. they haven't been able to find the plane. but how did he become such a popular brand? how did the brand missoni become so popular? >> started by his parents and in the beginning it was really cutour but what victoria and his siblings managed to do was popularize it. missoni became available to everyday people at affordable
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prices. the website crashed in 2011. >> but it must have boosted sales. >> it boosted sales and very popular around the world. vittorio missoni has taken it to asia and france and really popularized what was originally inaccessible fashion. >> he comes from a real fashion family. >> his parents started it. interesting enough, his father who is 91 is still very involved. and his mother still designs some of the housewares and his sister is one of the designers and her daughter has brought a whole fresh sense of fashion to the company. >> you can spot it in a minute because the zigzag and crazy desi design. you always know it's his. >> what happened, we don't know. they were on a very famous resort and a place, apparently, very romantic and then to end in ten miles outside of los rokas. the 71-year-old pilot,
3:25 am
apparently, lost contact. just ten miles off. that was the last he was heard of. >> we don't know. several people onboard with them, as well. we don't know any word on their whereabouts. but hopefully they'll find them safe and sound. >> well, don't know about that. but hopefully they'll find the black box and at least see what happened. this island in 2008, 14 people disappeared off the island and only the pilot was washed ashore. there have been several accidents. >> all right, nadia, appreciate that. thank you. all those holiday gifts showing up right about now on your credit card bill. in the spirit of the new year, giving you tips to get your finances ready for 2013.
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welcome back. thanks for starting your sunday morning with us and a special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network. i'm randi kaye and now just about half past the hour. 130 trained mountain rescue workers are searching for a skydiver who went missing four days ago in washington state's cascade mountains. organizers say they were getting a signal from his cell phone, but not any more. curt rooper was wearing a winged skydiving suit so he may have glided far away from where he was deployed. he was not prepared to stay overnight in a cold forest. in florida the nation transportation safety board is investigating a plane crash that killed three people. homeowner susan dove through a glass window to escape her burning home after the plane crashed into it. she was getting ready to leave her house when something told
3:30 am
her to stop otherwise she would have been hit. >> god is good. he really is. as you all i can see. that's amazing. i got out without a scratch on me. little bruise from taking a tumble through the window. but other than that, i'm fine, i'm blessed. truly god was with me. there's no way anyone else should have got out of there. but god has other plans for me. and made sure that i got out. couldn't stop the plane. but he could stop me because i was headed to that exact spot where the plane crashed. >> amazing that she jumped through that window to safety. the pilot reported mechanical problems and was trying to make an maeemergency landing. shell oil says the drilling rig that ran aground is ready to be towed away. the company says there is no evidence of leaking oil and the
3:31 am
fuel tanks appear in tact. the rig was being towed back to its winter home in seattle when it ran into a severe storm and grounded just over a week ago. a michigan man was remodeling his home when he found a treasure-trove of love letters sent to a world war ii veteran. he found them hidden above a heating duct in his basement. they belong to a war veteran who used to live there. here's what one letter said sdwr sweetheart, hard to see you go this morning knowing it may be the last time i shall see you for a time. which we don't know how long it is going to be before we see each other, again. when we saw this, we were just hoping it was, it would be like a bag of bonds or a bag of money. but, honestly, just really cool. >> so cool. the letters were from women named violet and pat. sawyers discovered the she later married a veteran named sadie.
3:32 am
a new era dawning in the u.s. navy. 20 years ago that women were first allowed to serve on service ships and a year ago they were cleared to serve on submarines. but now three women made military history. cnn pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has that story. >> reporter: it's a new frontier for female sailors. submerged for months, no sun, no space, no sleep. lieutenant marvek one of the first women to qualify for submarine duty. everything you expected? >> i got a lot less sleep than i imagined i would. >> reporter: we met her a few years ago when she went by her maiden name, reid. she was a cadet at the naval academy when the pentagon opened subduty to women. >> at the time, i was flying. i was a pilot. selected to be a pilot after graduation. >> reporter: she decided her future was under the water, not
3:33 am
soaring above it. she wasn't afraid of breaking a barrier. >> i see us just being like our male counterparts and i think we'll be accepted the same way. >> reporter: we reminded her of what she said then and read some of the reaction from fellow and former sailors. way to go. welcome to the pride of the fleet. wear those gold dolphins proudly. also, this is about giving feminists what they want. glad i got my dolphins pinned on and keep the eye candy upwardly mobile. >> there's always going to be an aversion to change. and, so, best way to deal with that is to just go and do my job like any other officer would. >> reporter: male and female officers do not sleep in the same state room, but that is about it. >> i can't imagine there is very much room for separating men and women. >> honestly, i didn't even notice it. >> reporter: since all officers use one bathroom, they use a
3:34 am
sign to notify each other. >> reporter: she earned her dolphin this month. a gold chest device that means she's mastered submarine operations. >> soin the book. >> yes, sir. >> been a long time coming, right? >> reporter: it took a year of noukler training, three more months at submarine officer school. and then her first sea tour. >> it's a huge honor to finally really feel like i'm a part of the submarine community. >> reporter: in fact, she is one of only three women to qualify as unrestricted line officers. that's big because it means down the road she would be eligible to one day assume command of a nuclear powered sub. it's pretty clear that whenever war is waged under water, women are going to be a part of that fight. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. well, it's a new year and a time for new beginnings. that includes your wallet.
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but that's not always as easy as it sounds. i'm joined by author karen lee. it is the new year, a lot of people thinking about their finances. when trying to sort out our money issues, where is the best place to start? >> amazingly, randi, the best place to start is being honest with yourself. this is tough for a lot -- when it comes to money, people love to stay in denial. so, really being honest and what i recommend is put it down on paper. so, to start with, you need to, of course, the word every american hates, budget. so, you need to start looking at the budget. how much income comes in and add up the monthly and annual spending. i will tell you, in my practice, this is where i get the most resistance. people don't want to add it up and come clean with what they spend. and then next is add up all your debt. and, again, people know they've got this on this card and this on that, but they haven't added
3:36 am
it all up. i once had an older woman come to see me. when she added it up, it was $28,000. add it all up and then add up all your saving account and write it down. >> that's one way to be honest. when you see it on paper, you know it. >> yeah. >> in terms of the debt, since you mentioned it, that's the hardest part, how do we lower it? >> the first thing is, look at that number and say is this urinsurmountable. if it is, you're probably going to need debt consolidation help. if you know you can get that number down but it will take five plus years, get a second job, even if it might just be for a short period of time. if you haven't had a raise for three years, go in and ask for a raise and anything you get, put it straight towards the debt. you might consider in the evening trying to gain some new skills so you can increase your
3:37 am
earning ability. >> some online learning might be good. >> now, if you are overspending, still, of course, get a budget. if you're just seeing that you're not saving enough, challenge yourself to increase the amount that you automatically save. so many people just save up to the match of their company 401(k). go up one or two percent every quarter and see if you can adjust to that. >> that's good advice. what about somebody they were listening and they say, but, i think i've been doing everything right and they're still not getting on track. >> or they start every year with the same resolution and they break it. >> just like going to the gym. >> at this point you need to fess up and that you need some help. are you repeating old behaviors and habits that you can't quit on your own? if that's the case, start by seeing a certified financial planner. you might want to see a certified money coach. and, last but not least, people always laugh when i bring this up, but you might have to go to
3:38 am
therapy -- >> financial therapy -- >> well, go to a therapist who has a specialty in money issues. as you know, in my book i talk about all the time, people have these deep seeded connections with money and sometimes the smartest people around just can't break those habits. >> sometimes it's hard, too, because if you're married you and your spouse might have different ideas on how to get back on track. >> if one person won't the other one says, why should i? >> one is a spender and then the other can't rein him or her in. >> that is tough and i the cause of many divorces. >> i know you know about that. not personally, just from your book. >> great tips. thanks for being here. >> nice to see you. the case of two high school boys accused of rape from disturbing videos to messages on twitter. how it can help or hurt each side. but, first -- a big good morning to washington. lights are on. nobody's home yet.
3:39 am
doesn't look like. there's a nice shot of the capitol building. just waking up there in washington, d.c. glad you're with us on this sunday morning.
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more now on the disturbing story of two football players accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party in steubenville, ohio. what makes this case stand out is the explosion on social media photos and even an online video showing some of the teens laughing and joking about the incident. >> what if that was your daughter? >> but it isn't. >> if that was my daughter, i
3:43 am
wouldn't care. i'd just let her be dead. >> listen to yourself. my daughter's going to be getting raped and dead. >> i spoke with legal contributor paul callan. >> the attorney general investigating this case said it is unfortunate and incensensiti but it is not a crime to be "stupid." two high school teens are charged and there is apparently a lack of physical evidence and the case seems to hinge on the witness statements, media images, cell phone grabs and videos like the one you just saw. how damaging could video like this and other social media be to the defense? >> it could be extremely damaging to the defense. you know, this, the whole landscape has been changed by cell phones and the availability
3:44 am
of video in cell phones. a crime like this in the past and this is, we only know that there are allegations that the girl was drunk, maybe unconscious when people, these two boys or maybe others were involved in sexual activity with her. normally, she may never have known about this. she may never have known who engaged in the sexual activity. but now we have video of it because we have the availability of this technology. so, the answer is, yes. this crime can be proven through that technology in a way that never could have happened before. people got away with this in the past. they're not going to get away with it in the future. >> cnn spoke exclusively, paul, with one of the defense attorneys who said that his client received a text message from the alleged victim saying, i know you didn't rape me. at cnn we point out we haven't seen the text nor we don't know what else she might have texted in that message. could that affect the case and how so? >> it could affect the case because this is a case that is going to be proven or disproven
3:45 am
with social media. if she sends him a text message saying, i know you did not rape me, a jury will look at that at some point in time and saying, does that help disprove the prosecution's case? it would sound like strong evidence. but we'd have to see the tape and the text and, you know something, randi, a lot more is coming out the more we hear about this story. how many phones were there? how many high school, drunken high school kids were close by and in a position to observe? we're going to find out a lot more about this story as the weeks go on. >> i do want to mention this internet hacker group called anonymous. they posted a picture showing a girl whose face is blurred and now the defense attorney for one of the accused confirms to cnn that his client is in the photo, but says the image is taken out of context. certainly we can't tell from the photo whether the girl is conscious or not.
3:46 am
her lawyer told cnn she was somewhat conscious but what could it have mean "taken out of context." does this photo help or hurt the defense team? >> just because two boip boys moving and doesn't mean anyone engaged in sexual activity with the girl. his context, of course, very different from the context that prosecutors talk about. i think, randi, the thing that interests me in this context argument is that these kids watching sexual activity like this and maybe a rape go on normally would not be guilty of any crime. people are shocked to know a group of boys can stand around and watch a crime. it is not a crime to do that. however, if they recorded the crime on their cell phones and they deleted what they recorded, they could be guilty of an obstruction of justice and they could be drawn into this conspiracy and this crime in a way that was never possible in the past before social media and this kind of technology. >> so, even if they weren't
3:47 am
participating. if they were there and they recorded it. >> yes, because they'll be involved in the cover up of the crime by destroying evidence. so, technology really is going to increase the liability of these kids and, you know, watching drunken high school football players talk about an incident like this is very, very disturbing. usually we don't get to see it, fortunately. but, with this new media, we do. it's going to wind up in courtrooms and people are going to be prosecuted. >> that certainly was disturbing. that whole story. paul callan, nice to see you. thank you very much. hugo chavez is supposed to be sworn in to his fourth term this thursday, but the controversial leader is still in cuba, "fighting for his health." we're taking a look at that and all the dates you need to know about in the coming week.
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time now to get you ready for the week ahead. first of all, on monday, a lot of people talking about aurora, colorado, and james holmes.
3:51 am
he is the man accused of opening fire in a crowded aurora, colorado, movie theater. he is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. also on monday, a lot of focus on hillary clinton. as soon as tomorrow, the secretary of state could be back at work. as you recall, doctors discharged her from the hospital last week after getting treated for that blood clot that was found in her brain. she is expected to be at work some time this week. we're not sure if it will be tomorrow or not. on thursday, hugo chavez will be making news. he is supposed to be inaugurated to his first term but casting some doubt on whether or not he's actually going to make it, according to venezuelan officials he is still in cuba "fighting for his health." and on saturday a big weekend of entertainment begins. the 2013 miss america pageant, that is live on abc. always a fun one to watch. the golden globes on sunday, one of my favorites, the ceremony,
3:52 am
the 70th annual golden globe awards on nbc. it's hosted this year by amy poehler and tina fey. they're both very funny and to see them together will be a good time. check that out. as we mentioned, james holmes is expected in court this week and we may hear about some of the evidence against him for the first time. here's casey wian with more on that. >> reporter: aurora, colorado, just after midnight june 2012. >> there's a shooting in the auditorium. >> he came down with his gun in my face. he was three feet away from me at that point. i didn't know what to do. i was terrified. >> we need rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims. >> he is at the exit just firing away. he's not aiming at a specific person, just trying to hit as many people as he can.
3:53 am
>> i need rescue in the back door of theater nine right now. >> i was just thinking, i have to get out. i just got to get out the doors and even if i fall dead, just get my kids out of here. it was just so horrible. >> suspect is going to be a male. unknown race. black camo outside outfit. >> you have a right to remain silent. >> reporter: that suspect 25-year-old james holmes is charged with killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. prosecutors are expected to call scores of witnesses before arapahoe county judge sylvester. he will determine whether the evidence is sufficient for holmes to stand trial on more than 150 counts, including murder, attempted murder and weapons charges. the wep nnzcluded explosives allegedly used to boony trap his apartment. his attorneys are expected to present a diminished mental
3:54 am
capacity. >> this guy wasn't crazy, he was crazy like a fox. he was conniving, premeditated, he was methodical and that may all be true. but at the same time, you could be all those things, but you could also have a mental disease or defect. >> reporter: he had been seeing a psychiatrist at the university of colorado where he was a doctoral candidate until dropping out in june. his attorneys say he was hospitalized in november after reportedly banging his head into a jail wall. the preliminary hearing is expected to last several days. the judge has issued a sweeping gag order, so this may be the first time the public hears much of the evidence against holmes. casey wian, cnn, los angeles. a plane carrying italian fashion heir vittorio missoni still missing off the coast of venezuela. the very latest on the search for him.
3:55 am
excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly.
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[ male announcer ] when diarrhea hits, kaopectate stops it fast. powerful liquid relief speeds to the source. fast! [ male announcer ] stop the uh-oh fast with kaopectate. in late december an oil rig owned by shell was traveling from alaska to seattle for maintenance when it drifted on
3:58 am
to an uninhibited island. >> reporter: these images have reignited an often under the radar debate over planned oil drilling in the arctic ocean. >> we really need a more open, public debate about what we really want and what risks we're willing to bear to get it. >> reporter: jerry boarded it for four days during its exploratory drilling mission about two months ago. >> i felt perfectly safe but it is a round ship. it doesn't have any keel and doesn't really have a bow and it does ride very rough in the waves. >> reporter: that's what officials report when the unsecured was grounded wind gusts at 65 miles per hour swells up to 30 feet. when it's anchored, it's designed to push down and break up ice. the diameter is 266 feet from
3:59 am
the main deck and it has an unusually thick three inch steel hull. there is now 150,000 gallons of diesel fuel on board. this native alaskan woman told cnn in july she lives in fear of an oil spill and more shipping in the arctic. >> for the winter, it all comes from the ocean, the fish and the whale and it's going to ruin our ocean. >> reporter: the abundant oil and natural gas under the arctic ocean floor is luring more energy firms including conoco phillips to the seas. booming pacific rim trade is increasing commercial shipping in these waters and less sea ice means expanding routes. the u.s. coast guard is tasked to cover an area that spans the

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